Authentic Japanese Cuisne, Sushi-no-Mai

Graceful Japanese cuisine in Watford

SUSHI-no-MAI provides the unique idea of Japanese cuisine especially for daily lunch. Our service has been highly popular since we started and voted as the finest restaurant in Watford!
We also offer catering service for your special event. Please contact to one of our staff at the restaurant.



Our restaurant is currently looking for bright and motivated full-time staff. The work would suit somebody with the following skills,

The ideal worker must be reliable, self-motivated, and an ability to handle any situation
Must be proficient in computers and digital systems

Our relationship with you is based on trust, integrity, and honesty and our vision is to do the very best at what we do.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please bring your CV to our restaurant.


We are happy to provide takeaway service.
Open: Tuesday - Saturday
Sushi : 9:00 - 14:30
Hot food : 10:30 - 14:30
* Closing time will be early, due to sell out

SUSHI-no MAI Japanese restaurant


Restaurant business hours
Tuesday – Saturday
11:00 – around 14:30
Closed : Monday, Sunday and Bank holiday

Takeaway service hours
Tuesday – Saturday
Sushi : 9:00– around 14:30
Hot food : 10:30 – around 14:30

* Closing time will be early, due to sell out


Our concept is to serve authentic Japanese foods by a skilled chef. And introduce Japanese culture through the foods, especially as World Intangible Cultural Heritage (It was registered 2013 in December by UNESCO). Also, We suggest the SHOKUIKU - 食育 (Food education), related Blog: Joyful Dishes (

Our foods are not only to satisfy a customer’s hunger. The essential idea is eating food makes joyful feeling and healthy body. When customers have a food that is they like, a broad smile suffuse their face, especially children show us the happiness with their body, some of them start hum. In general when people have a nice food, the satisfaction is communicated itself to their cells through the food, and the brain catch the happiness. Then, makes them feel happy. The mechanism relate to “a sound mind in a sound body”. This is a main thing both SHOKUIKU and our concept.

Therefore, we cook all foods use fresh ingredients, and with all our heart and soul.

We are happy that the customer enjoy our foods and spend a joyful time at sitting around the table with the genial companions.


New Watford Market Unit 38,39
Watford House Lane, Watford
Herts WD17 1JB

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